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Mon, Sep. 13th, 2010, 01:35 pm
addambombb: Salem, Massachusetts - Witch City - annual Vampire's Masquerade Ball oct 22nd!

Don't come to this party - become a part of this event. Indulge! Become who are in your deepest imaginings, the dark and carnal creature in you that craves an experience beyond the five senses...

This year's Ball is unprecedented - dispose of any preconceived notions. Our team has spent the last year planning to make this the best Vampire's Masquerade to date! There has truly been nothing of this description in the Northeast US... the lines between theater and dance party are blurred, the environment is completely transformed, and the lighting and sound will be truly magnificent (exceeding any goth club in the region)!

This will be a truly unforgettable evening, even for the most cynical and jaded partygoer (of which i am one). Dress excessively impressively, as there will be a professional film crew documenting the brouhaha, and as always a $500 cash prize for the most provacative costume!

(click for more info and ticketing)